It has a bright pink colour with fine, persistent perlage and a soft cream enriched with fruity notes. The delicate notes of pomegranate, currant and strawberry mousse are combined with the flowery tones of peony, rose and the balsamic notes of spearmint. In the mouth, it has good intensity thanks to its rounded bubbles, lively freshness and vibrant minerality. It is a harmonious and elegant sparkling wine, with a long finish enriched by a hint of red berries.

Rebsorte: 100% Pinot Nero.
Geographische Lage: From the best vineyards of the North East part of Italy.
Erntezeit: First ten days of September.
Vinifikation: The Pinot Noir is vinified in contact with the skins for a short time (just a few hours).A first fermentation without skins at a controlled temperature of 20°C is followed by a slow second fermentation in large closed containers at 14-15° C.Then a contact with the fine lees for a minimum of 6 months.
Druck in der Flasche: 5,5 atm.
Druck in der Flasche: 6 g/l.
Alkohol: 12%.
Serviertemperatur: 5-7°C. Open immediately before serving.
Passend zu: Ideal as an aperitif and excellent throughout the meal. It is perfect with light raw fish dishes and sushi and white meat as well. This wine is excellent with medium-aged cheeses and cold cuts and it is the perfect choice for vegetable-based first courses. Moreover it goes very well with pizza.
Formate: 0,75 L.


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