Orizzonti line

Our unique way of seeing
and interpreting Prosecco.

A look beyond the horizon, with the aim of promoting the culture of Prosecco and connecting with wine-lovers from all over the world.
With the ‘Metodo Ruggeri’, our wines have the capacity of expressing the very heights of quality.




Prosecco Superiore
D.O.C.G. Extra Dry

This Prosecco Superiore is an elegant sparkling wine with a refined aromatic bouquet, from the intense fruity notes of yellow apples to the delicate scents of white flowers.




Prosecco D.O.C.
Rosé Brut

This Prosecco Rosé is a lively, vivacious sparkling wine with good aromatics. Each sip brings out the aromas of forest fruits, enveloped in a balsamic note of rosemary.




Superiore di Cartizze
D.O.C.G. Dry

Cartizze D.O.C.G. represents the qualitative excellence of the Prosecco Superiore area: it is a sparkling wine with a fine taste and excellent aromaticity.

A culture of time:
promoting longevity

At Ruggeri we believe it’s essential to promote and develop a Culture of Time as evidenced by our numerous pioneering experiments. Our aim is to establish the potential for future development of Prosecco from the most prestigious vineyards, with a view to enhancing its profile and encouraging a positive outlook for consumption that extends well beyond the most recent vintage. The result is that we are one of the very few wineries to offer vertical collections of our finest wines.

Harmony and consistency:
the ‘Metodo Ruggeri’

In our 70 years dedicated to sparkling wines we have refined techniques and perfected working processes in pursuit of the absolutely harmony of the wine which, cradled in the autoclave, undergoes its metamorphosis to become sparkling. The care and attention we take in these initial stages of the winemaking process are, we believe, essential to their unique pleasantness and their potential to evolve yet further into the truly harmonious personality that defines our wines.

The heart of prosecco,

the heart of the golden triangle.

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