In harmony
with nature

As a result of our close contact with our vineyards and intimate relationship with our land, we have developed a profound sensitivity towards the area’s people and plants. This has given us deep insight into both the more subtle phenomena of our viticultural environment and the potential that exists for developing partnerships to preserve our natural heritage.

For many years now, we have embraced the programme SQNPI – Sistema di Qualità Nazionale di Produzione Integrata (National Integrated Production Quality System) – which certifies sustainable agricultural production in compliance with strict regulations and agronomic practices aimed at reducing the use of chemical and phytosanitary products.

Moreover, we create innovation with research projects designed to protect the exceptional biodiversity in the area of Cartizze. We shared and the promoted the work carried out by two botanists in the upper part of the area: this research demonstrated the presence of as many as 116 different varieties of grass and wild flowers and culminated in the publication of a Herbarium that is unique of its kind.