Inspired by genuine curiosity and a true passion for discovery, at Ruggeri we wanted to embark on a journey that no one had ever undertaken before: to produce a Valdobbiadene Prosecco and bottle it after 46 months resting on the lees in the protective womb of the autoclave, in a world of darkness and silence.

We set to work taking inspiration from the character of our 2014 vintage, with its rich acidity, and mindful of the interesting development of the wines of the 1995 harvest, which were equally fresh and difficult to tame. We decided to dedicate part of a historic vineyard to the venture, a small plot situated in a prime position and ennobled by the presence of centuries-old vines.

After the first fermentation, lovingly cared for by our oenologists and winemakers, and once the wine had the time to become wine, it was placed in an autoclave in the spring of 2015. Here, following the second fermentation, the wine was left completely undisturbed, save for the occasional addition of yeasts. From this moment on, our job was to wait patiently and give the wine time to evolve and age in a new way, seeking out original aromas and nuances never before found in a Prosecco Superiore. So we invite you to step into the unknown with us, with a playful yet serious mind, and experience the sensory terra incognita that pushes the boundaries of Prosecco as we’ve known it up to now, and to let yourself be carried away by this new, unique experience.


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