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The heart of prosecco

Hic sunt

Just like the grapevines on our hills, we are eager to grow, innovate and express the full potential of our region with an unwavering spirit of exploration. Our intimate links with tradition, combined with our extensive know-how gathered from the experiences of a great many generations, has endowed us with a sense of freedom and levity needed to try new things. Ruggeri was the first winery to produce a sparkling wine using only the grapes of century-old vines (Vecchie Viti).

It was also the first winery in our D.O.C.G. area to make an Extra Brut sparkling wine, before it was accepted by the appellation. With the Cinqueanni, Ruggeri was the first to attempt a project never before tried in the entire Prosecco Superiore area: to entrust the protective womb of the autoclave with the task of keeping vigil over the quiet, intimate, silent resting of the wine on the lees for a full 48 months. Other projects are underway...

On ancient maps, the Romans used to write ‘hic sunt leones’ to indicate wild lands beyond those already conquered and unexplored: journeying into the unknown and pushing the boundaries is part of what makes us who we are and is an innate characteristic that inspires our enduring quest for quality.