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The heart of prosecco

Harmony and consistency:
the Ruggeri style

In our 70 years dedicated to sparkling wines we have refined techniques and perfected working processes in pursuit of the absolutely harmony of the wine which, cradled in the autoclave, undergoes its metamorphosis to become sparkling. The care and attention we take in these initial stages of the winemaking process are, we believe, essential to their unique pleasantness and their potential to evolve yet further into the truly harmonious personality that defines our wines.

At Ruggeri, the art of assembling the wine starts with an almost maniacal focus on carefully examining and selecting grapes from a range of locations. Next comes intuition and skill in the composition of wines, which differ depending on their origin, vineyard position and their intrinsic characteristics. Finally, it requires a profound and time-won ability to read the seasons and interpret the conditions, which change from year to year.

Over time we have developed our own distinctive philosophy: it is what allows us to create a recognisable Ruggeri identity signature style in our wines. It translates into aromatic purity, essentiality, rigour, a refined fruity and floral aromatic profile, a fragrance and zest which, thanks to the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, intertwine in a long and intense finish.

We constantly strive for consistency in quality and the expression of an appealing, satisfying and reliable personality. Over time the identity of our wines has become well recognised and appreciated by clients and wine-lovers alike.