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Valdobbiadene (TV)
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The heart of prosecco

The largest family
in Valdobbiadene

The combination of our long history so deeply-rooted in the local area and the tenacity and determination of Paolo Bisol to seek out the best-quality grapes means the winery has cemented relationships with over a hundred local producers. Oftentimes these are relatives or neighbours - many of them third-generation wine growers - who own vineyards throughout the Valdobbiadene region and neighbouring municipalities.

The deep sense of community, mutual respect and trust that connects the winery to local winemakers means Ruggeri reaps the benefits of an intimate partnership with local producers. This translates into an approach to pruning which demonstrates the utmost respect for the vine and a commitment to disease prevention. Harvesting is carried out by hand, a truly heroic task on these vineyards situated on such steep hillsides. All of this is fostered through a close and ongoing partnership with our team of agronomists.