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The heart of prosecco

Beauty lies
in memory

The dramatic, dream-like beauty of the steep hillsides of Valdobbiadene is instantly recognisable and loved by all. But there are other important elements that make the rive, or hillsides, located within the golden triangle even more special.

The first is the great number of century-old Glera vines in the vineyards: magnificent, gnarled, wrinkled sculptures that stand majestic, so steeped in history, so determined to fulfil their mission to bear their splendid fruit which, like so many jewels, will once again adorn them with grace and nobility.

The ancient vines represent a true living record of the earth: for this reason we have set up a training program which enables local wine growers to develop a deeper knowledge of pruning techniques, approaches to sustainability, and disease prevention because a healthy vine ages in a more natural manner.

The second is the presence of a great many fossils of marine animals, fish and shells in the soil, which so inspire our imagination and bring joy to our hearts. Millions of years ago, these lands were the seabed of a warm, beautiful tropical ocean, and even today, if you follow the undulations of ridges and valleys from the top of the Cartizze hill, it’s almost as if you can see and hear the waves of the sea.

This too, we are sure, has a part to play in forming the subtle, playful flavour of our wines.