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The heart of prosecco

A culture of time:
promoting longevity

At Ruggeri we believe it’s essential to promote and develop a Culture of Time as evidenced by our numerous pioneering experiments. Our aim is to establish the potential for future development of Prosecco from the most prestigious vineyards, with a view to enhancing its profile and encouraging a positive outlook for consumption that extends well beyond the most recent vintage.

The result is that we are one of the very few wineries to offer vertical collections of our finest wines. Of particular note are Vecchie Viti and Giustino B., which when given the right conditions and adequate care and attention, are capable of a noble and prolonged evolution.

Our wines are first aged on the lees and then in the bottle in order to develop a variety of attractive aromas. This path has enabled us to amass a wealth of complex knowledge and to develop a full understanding of the quality and longevity potential of the grapes and of our wines.