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The heart of prosecco


At the centre of the Golden Triangle stands the Cartizze hill, our region’s most prestigious area, and the one to which we have always dedicated the utmost care and attention. This is reflected in our company logo, which depicts a heart pierced by an arrow symbolising passion. Cartizze, or more precisely Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze D.O.C.G., represents the very pinnacle of our region’s winemaking. It is in this small but highly-prized area that one finds the ultimate expression of the finesse and elegance of the delicate, fruity and floral aromas of the Glera grape.

The ideal slope aspect and unique composition of the soil, formed mainly of limestones, clays and sandstones, are the foundations that contribute to creating this highly distinctive and refined wine.
At Ruggeri we have forged partnerships with a great many historic grape growers and as a result, of all the grapes grown in Cartizze, ours is the highest percentage pressed by any private winery.